What are attributes and relations?

This feature is available in the below setups:
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Attributes are sensor specific items or notes that you can assign. An example for a soil sensor could be the length of the sensor or the plot number that the sensor was installed in. 

When you set a location for the sensor in the map dashboard on the right hand side, the GPS coordinates for the activation you have selected will automatically be added as an attribute.



Relations are objects that are used to connect sensor activations with each other. Say for example, you have soil sensors set up for a specify type of tree, say oak trees. In this case you will create a relation category "Tree Type" and metadata object "Oak Tree". Now you will give each sensor activation that correlates with this relation the previous relation category and metadata object. Once done, you will be able to see the metadata object Oak Tree on the landing page under "Metadata" (see figure below).

Clicking on it, you will see all sensors with activations that correlate with the relation you set.


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