What is the difference between the volumetric and the Cital soil sensor

There are two major differences between the volumetric soil sensor and the Cital soil sensor. 

A) Manufacturer

Cital manufactures its own sensor, the Cital Soil Sensor. However, since we are experts in the field of soil analysis, we also offer sensors which we do not manufacture ourselves. One of those sensors is the volumetric soil sensor (also called Sense CAP S2105). 

B) Measurements

The Cital Soil Sensor measures soil temperature and water potential (in kPa). In easy terms, the sensor measures the availability of water to the plant, or how difficult it is for the plant to extract water from the soil. 

The Volumetric Soil Sensor measures the soil water content (in %). In other words, the sensor measures the wetness of the soil without regarding the plant.

Both techniques to measure soil moisture have its benefits and drawbacks, and both techniques of measurement have its use cases and fields of application. If you wish to discuss what type of sensor would best suit you, please reach out to us at info(at)cital.io.

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