Important notices about the handling of the sensor

There are a couple of things that you should not do unless explicitly advised by the Cital staff. Otherwise, we have prepared a few handy tips for you to make best use of the device. 


  1. Do not remove the sensor probe. Otherwise, it will cause leaks and wire fracture. If accidentally unscrewed, it needs to be tightened to ensure waterproof performance.
  2. Do not open the inside of the sensor unless the battery needs to be replaced. This may result in abnormal waterproofing. If it is opened, make sure the waterproofing gasket is properly installed and tighten the screws.


  1. Specially designed for installing SenseCAP Sensors, the bracket is a sliding cap. With designated screw-holes, the bracket helps fasten the Sensor Node firmly onto a pole or a wall.
    1. With the sensor in one hand and a bracket in the other, find an unobstructed direction along the back of the sensor.
    2. One hand holds the clasp while the other holds the device. Pull outward with opposite force. Press the upper part of the buckle with your finger.
  2. When installing, pay attention to the antenna installation direction for better signal strength and longer communication range between sensor and gateway. Aim the antenna (situated at the top of the casing) towards the gateway and install both sensor and gatewayat higher elevations to reduce obstructions in line of sight between them. This will result in stronger signal strength.  

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