How do I create a new activation for a sensor?

This feature is available in the below configurations of Cital Insights: 
Basic | Confident | Professional | Expert

Activations are used to trim the time frame of data displayed for a given sensor. This is useful when a sensor x is moved around from time to time for example. Through setting activations, customers can then segment and find the different places of the sensor throughout its use. The activations can then be used to look up data from the sensor for a specific time window, for example to location at a certain point in time and its use at that time. 

Let's look at an example to clarify what the value of activations might be: 

In the picture below, we see a sensor called 002A. 

  • This sensor has 5 activations currently. 
  • Each activation represents a time window, for example when the sensor was used at different trees.
  • For each activation, we have allocated metadata to the sensor. This metadata can tell us exactly what the use of the sensor in this activation was, for example which tree type we monitored or in which location we were monitoring. (If you want to learn more about metadata for activations, please read this article.)
  • By clicking on a given activation, we will see the data from that activation time frame visualized in the charts on the left. In the example below, we see the data from "Fourth Activation" from January 8 to January 14. 


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