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General Guides and References

The Following Section will include some Guides and References to Understand usage of Cital Insights API Interfaces.

Swagger OpenAPI

Thingsboard API Reference

Cital Guide

Basically, the Database consists of two parts: Telemetry and Metadata. Both parts are only usefully in combination.

Overview of Customer <> Telemetry Structure

REST API Meta Data Structure


  • Relations group Entities together according to the ER Diagramm
  • Relations can be accessed via Relations Controller 
  • From = Parent Asset
  • To = Child Asset


REST API Device/Telemetry Structure

Device Information

Device Metadata

  • Can be accessed via Telemetry Controller (Server Attributes)
  • Available Data: sensor_length | Unit: Total Length of Sensor in centimetres


  • Can be accessed via Telemetry Controller
  • Units & Representations: 
  • "firmware" | Unit: major.minor.fix
  • "tempOffBoard" | Unit: Temperature in °C
  • "tempOnBoard" | Unit: Temperature in °C
  • "waterPotOffBoard" | Unit: Soil Waterpotential in kPa
  • "batteryRelative" | Unit: Status in %
  • "moistOffBoard" | Unit: relative Moisture in %
  • Examples on Data Queries: REST HTTP Data Query  

Graphical User Interface

  • https://iot.cital.io/
  • Good for understanding Background Mechanisms
    • Use Browser Inspector to trace API Calls

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